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Real Good Music for Real Life
Please Your Ears, Life and Soul With Any Of 460 Rich Sounding Southern Gospel Harmonies Daily

This music is entertaining, stimulating and energetic. It is about something imbedded in the nature of most Americans, interest in real, down-to-earth Christianity. It brings a thrill to discovering more about the most famous being to ever walk the Earth, Jesus Christ. The variety of styles is truly ear catching, from the traditional Gospel sound to the modern works of the musical art form known as Southern Gospel. The richest sounding form of this truly captivating American art form is the quartet. Tenor, lead, baritone and bass: Southern Gospel Quartets produce such a full, rich sound because they use four part harmony instead of solo or two or three voices. The four parts allow a Southern Gospel quartet to be as creative and rich sounding as is musically possible. And what singing part in a Southern Gospel quartet is the favorite of most people? It’s the bass. You do not get a bass in any other type of Southern Gospel singing except a quartet.

All Quartets Radio is about much more than the great sound of the Southern Gospel Quartets. Most important are the words communicated through this beautiful and catchy music. These are lyrics that can touch your soul, perhaps help you come to understand how wonderful it is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior, help you grow stronger in The Lord, help you witness to an unsaved friend or encourage you during a trial or temptation. Southern Gospel music is generally about real life and how Jesus cares about our joys and our difficulties. Southern Gospel is about more than just Heaven. It is about how important it is to lay up treasures for The Lord and other people in eternity. There is a little rhyme that isn’t a Southern Gospel saying, but it does apply to the music on All Quartets Radio: “Only one life, T’will soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.” That is the heart of the ministry of this unique Southern Gospel Quartet Internet radio station.
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Real Good Music for Real Life

We Design Our Programming Around YOUR Schedule

Music, music, music! That’s what YOU get anytime you click on to All Quartets Radio. We play 460 songs a day, so whether it is day or night, YOU will hear what YOU want and need: Southern Gospel quartet music. IT IS HERE for YOU, 24 hours a day, seven days a week year around. There are no talk shows or news programs. You can get them on a lot of other stations. Whenever you tune in, you get 4 part Southern Gospel harmony lovingly presented by a quartet loving DJ with one of the richest, deepest voices in radio today. He is very professional, yet very friendly and personal as he gives the song title and artist at the end of every song. That DJ is Carl Ramsey, who has honed his ability to communicate with you and other listeners through 46 years in radio and television. Carl doesn’t get paid to do the announcing. He makes his living doing network radio news for United News and Information ( He is more than an expert at occasionally offering interesting information about a song or a quartet. Carl has been going to Southern Gospel Quartet concerts and collecting recordings since 1961, shortly after he accepted Christ as a teenager. He is passionate about this music, not only for the sound, but mostly for the way it drives home such important messages through the lyrics. He knows many of the quartets we play personally. He keeps the talk to a minimum, but when he shares the music, he’s sharing from his deep love and knowledge of this fantastic music.